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Welcome to LA Voice

Jose Ocampo, reporting from LA

Welcome to LA Voice! I am an aspiring writer blogging about everything on my mind! Political views, environmental updates (with sources), short stories, music reviews, poems, anything! Just a young man from LA with a passion for writing.

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The Human Plague of 2020

With over half a million deaths and the US having the most cases worldwide (over 200 thousand and counting), COVID-19 has been rapidly...

The Gift of Rock

There are songs that once they are launched, the lyrics, music, and musicians are immortalized. It may be due to a catchy tune, an...

The "Chinese Virus"

Ever since January 7th, when Chinese health authorities confirmed numerous cases of pneumonia (reported on December 31, 2019) to be...

I Wanted School To Be Over

Many students (high school seniors, I'm talking to you!) constantly share one common wish: for school to be over. As seniors, we have put...

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